LB44's Six Coaches and One Dentist KO-ed Muttenz 5HL Team in the First 7 Minutes

LB44 dentist Ali Akzorba single-handed drilled holes into the Muttenz H5L defense for the game's first 13 points (2-3-3-3-2) in 7 minutes. It took Muttenz 22 minutes to match Ali's dental work, but the pain was too much for Muttenz's players to come off the bench to endure more pain from 6 seasoned LB44 coaches: H. Bader, A. Balas, P. Küng, D. Müri, S. Picaso and B. Ponxha. Additionally, G. Tenong and E. Xu assisted in LB44's season game score record. LB44 moved up one spot in the league standings from second to last to third.
TV Muttenz Basket - Liestal Basket 44 /  37:60 (12:32) / 8.Feb.2019
LB44 Akzorba (20), Ponxha (16), Bader (12), Müri (4), Tenong (4), Balas (3), Küng (1), Picaso & Xu.


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